Before putting your home on the market, schedule a pre-listing inspection with United Property Inspectors, Inc. A pre-listing inspection provides the information you need to set a fair asking price and make a quick sale. Buyers will be attracted to your transparency, and you will enjoy a faster, more secure sale. Everyone wins!

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Why Do a Pre-Listing Inspection?

In a competitive market, pre-listing assessments help sell properties more quickly and at better prices. They do so in several ways:

1. Reveal Repair Needs

One of the primary benefits of a pre-listing inspection is knowledge. Knowing the true condition of the home allows sellers to make repairs on their own time and budget, rather than rushing at the last minute in order to avoid losing a sale.

2. Set a Firm Price

Knowing the condition of the home can help you set a fair price point. For example, if your home requires a $10,000 roof replacement, you can set the price of the home with that in mind. Make buyers aware that the sale price reflects this consideration. Similarly, inform buyers of completed repairs to encourage higher offers. 

3. Simplify Negotiations

Due to the element of surprise, results from a buyer’s inspection can delay or tank a sale. Alternatively, being up front about your home’s repair needs will minimize the need for negotiations at the time of sale. Regardless of whether or not the issue has been remedied, a pre-listing inspection helps sellers to set a price point and stand by it.

4. Attract Confident Buyers

A pre-listing inspection gives buyers a sense of confidence and encourages strong offers. Be prepared to share the pre-listing inspection report and corresponding repair invoices with buyers. These documents will create a sense of trust between sellers and buyers, and encourage quicker sales.

Schedule an Inspection

Before listing your home in Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, CA, or the surrounding areas, schedule a pre-listing inspection with United Property Inspectors. To further aid in the sale process, ask about our convenient transfer process: buyers can save time and money by having us transfer the pre-listing report, do a walk-through to determine which repairs have been completed, and then resubmit a new report to the buyer. For more information, call today at (916) 788-1111 or schedule an inspection online now.