Fact or Fiction: 5 Common Pool Inspection Myths

The temperatures are rising across California, and countless homeowners are getting a lot of use out of their swimming pools to cool off. Not to mention, backyard pools look especially appealing to those searching for a new home this summer. When it comes to maintaining a pool, it can be tempting to shrug off an inspection as an unnecessary task. United Property Inspectors, Inc. will address five common pool and spa inspection myths below and explore the truth behind them.

The Silent Invader: Spotting the 4 Signs of Mold in Your Home

Few home issues strike fear in the hearts of homeowners as much as the prospect of mold. It’s a sneaky intruder that harms the air it infiltrates, threatening the health and well-being of an entire household. If you suspect you may have a mold problem, the experts at United Property Inspectors, Inc. can verify with our mold inspection and testing services. Let’s explore four signs that you may be dealing with mold growth in your home.

4 Tips for Sellers to Prepare for a Successful Property Inspection

In a commercial real estate transaction, a responsible investor will complete all their due diligence, including an inspection to assess the property’s condition. This process can get complicated, with unexpected findings slowing down negotiations. United Property Inspectors, Inc. will set your mind at ease with a commercial building inspection, which can provide information and clarity for all parties involved. Let’s explore four tips for sellers as you prepare for a successful property inspection.

Top 4 Home Inspection Flaws and How to Resolve Them

When protecting your real estate investment, a home inspection is a key piece of the puzzle. Inspections can make buyers and sellers nervous as they await the report to learn the true condition of the home and what issues need to be addressed. At United Property Inspectors, Inc., our highly experienced, certified inspectors will deliver a complete narrative report within 24 hours of your inspection, which includes an overview of items that require attention. In this article, we’ll address some of the top home inspection flaws we uncover and how you can resolve them or avoid them altogether.

Common Home Inspection Questions and What You Need to Know

A home inspection is something that almost everyone will encounter at one point or another when buying or selling a home. An inspection is one of the best ways to protect your investment, empowering you with a detailed picture of the property’s condition that will aid in your decision-making and negotiating. United Property Inspectors, Inc. provides thorough home inspections that will help you make an informed decision that’s in your best interest. We’ll go over some common home inspection questions and answers, giving you the information you need before your own inspection.

What Happens If Your Home Inspection Doesn’t Turn Out Well?

When you are buying a home, it may seem like a whirlwind of appointments and signatures. One of the most nerve-racking steps in the process is the home inspection, where you will learn the true condition of the home you want to purchase. At United Property Inspectors, Inc., we understand that home inspections don’t always go as planned and can even bring the real estate transaction to a screeching halt. We are here to help you through the scenario where your home inspection doesn’t turn out as planned and to let you know how we can assist you in your next steps.

Move into Your New Home with Peace of Mind

If you are in the market for a new home, there are some things you can do to safeguard your investment. Your potential new home will have to undergo an inspection to evaluate for any flaws or safety issues, but the inspectors don’t check everything that you should have checked. At United Property Inspectors, Inc., we provide comprehensive home inspections, but we also provide specialty inspections that are necessary to give you complete peace of mind. Let’s go over these specialty inspections that are important to have done before you close on your new home.

Protect Your Investment with an Informative Home Evaluation

You would never make a large investment without having all of the facts presented to you. Moving into a home is no different because you definitely want to have all of the facts about the home before you take that important step. United Property Inspectors, Inc. inspects to a higher standard so that you have peace of mind in knowing we have evaluated everything inside the home that can be seen or touched. Let’s walk through our home inspection services, and you can see how we will come alongside you to help protect your investment. 

Is It Ever Okay to Skip the Inspection When You Buy a Home?

Sometimes, when you move into a new house, you get down to the wire with the timing and need things to move quickly. It can be tempting to skip the home inspection when the house looks nearly perfect and you are in a hurry. United Property Inspectors, Inc. never encourages home buyers to skip the inspection, because that is a crucial piece of the home buying process. Let’s go over the importance of comprehensive home inspections and why you should never eliminate this step in the real estate transaction.

Get a Pool Inspection before You Sign the Dotted Line

It’s very common for California homes to have pools and spas on the property. While homeowners undoubtedly enjoy the relaxing benefits of these amenities, the repairs they sometimes require can cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. United Property Inspectors, Inc. helps clients to understand what costly issues they may be facing by offering pool and spa inspections. We’ll walk through some reasons you need to have one of these inspections before you complete any real estate transaction, as well as what is involved.