Sometimes, when you move into a new house, you get down to the wire with the timing and need things to move quickly. It can be tempting to skip the home inspection when the house looks nearly perfect and you are in a hurry. United Property Inspectors, Inc. never encourages home buyers to skip the inspection, because that is a crucial piece of the home buying process. Let’s go over the importance of comprehensive home inspections and why you should never eliminate this step in the real estate transaction.

Comprehensive Home Inspection

What Is So Important about a Home Inspection?

United Property Inspectors, Inc. always inspects to the highest standard, evaluating the property’s structures, systems, and components. We assess the foundation and framing, basements, attics, roofs, fireplaces, plumbing systems, kitchen equipment, bathrooms, driveways, and many other elements. Anything among these items that is found to be flawed could lead to costly repairs for you, the new homeowner. 

What If the Home Looks Like It’s in Great Shape?

Unfortunately, not all problems within a home can be spotted by someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for and doesn’t have the proper equipment. A professional home inspection will give you a clear picture of urgent issues that need to be addressed, as well as future repairs and maintenance that you should keep in mind. So, don’t be tempted to forego a home inspection just because the home looks like it’s in pristine condition.

What Issues Could Be Found at Home Inspections?

A myriad of issues found during home inspections are issues that may not be evident at first glance and require a professional assessment in order to be found. It’s not uncommon to see homes that have structural issues from previous water damage due to poor drainage. We also might find damage to the roof from past storms that has gone undetected for years. We also encounter plumbing issues or faulty wiring that could present a hazard to future household occupants. 

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