Getting a home inspection can be an unnerving experience for any homeowner who is planning to put their home on the market, or even for a potential buyer who finds a home they love. You may not know what to expect, and you might even have some misconceptions about the process. At United Property Inspectors, Inc., we make it our goal to inspect to a higher standard in order to give you the most thorough and complete picture of the home’s condition. Let’s dispel some myths about home inspections where the truth might actually put you more at ease.

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Myth: Your Home Can Fail an Inspection

There is no such thing as passing or failing a home inspection. The truth is that the inspector doesn’t give their opinion about a home, nor do they determine whether it has passed or failed their inspection. The home inspector’s job is to determine whether the house is safe. At United Property Inspectors, Inc., we will provide a complete narrative report within 24 hours with a summary page highlighting issues for concern.

Myth: All Home Inspectors Are Equal

Not all home inspectors are equally qualified or provide the same level of guarantee for their work. United Property Inspectors, Inc. guarantees every home inspection 200%, meaning we will reimburse your inspection fee and pay for another inspection from a different company if you are not completely satisfied. We also include a free, 90-day warranty with every home inspection. You can trust our wealth of knowledge and years of experience. 

Myth: Buyers Cannot Be Present during Inspection

Buyers can absolutely be present for the home inspection, and we actually encourage them to be there. It’s a great opportunity for them to ask the inspector questions and learn more about their potential new home. It can be an especially useful learning experience for first-time homeowners. You should stay away from an inspection company that discourages the customer from attending their home inspection.

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