As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have a lot on your plate. As your business expands, your responsibility increases as does your need for a bigger space. United Property Inspectors, Inc. will put your mind at ease as you transition into a new commercial space in the Sacramento area. Allow us to do the dirty work, making sure your new property isn’t going to quickly become a headache.

What We Look for

As you look into buying or leasing a commercial property, our commercial building inspection team will search the property from top to bottom to secure your investment. We evaluate the structure; windows and doors; insulation; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; HVAC equipment; roof; and countless other components. Industry standards require us to take random samples throughout the facility, but we inspect to a higher standard by investigating everything we can see and touch.


commercial property inspection

Take a Walk with Us

Because we know you care about your investment, we invite you to walk alongside our inspection team as they evaluate your property. We value your input and want you to see first-hand the quality of your potential investment. Our focus is on you and your investment. Therefore, we strive to answer your questions, inspect thoroughly, and provide you with a prompt, detailed report of our findings.

Inspections Empower Investors

Commercial business investors know that knowledge and documentation are power. In light of this, our inspection team provides each client with a highly detailed report within 24 hours of an inspection. Real estate moves quickly, so we promise to equip you to make the best decision possible in a short period of time. Our detailed report gives the client the upper hand during transaction negotiations, ensuring your business’s success for the future.

We Care about Our Clients

At United Property Inspectors, Inc., we inspect to a higher standard. We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure our customers the highest quality of service. To guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, we back every inspection 200%. To schedule your commercial building inspection, visit our website or give us a call at (916) 788-1111. Take the stress out of your commercial investment opportunity by allowing us to give you a clear picture of the property’s condition before you commit. After all, it’s better to look before you leap, right?