A concierge is a sign of luxury and convenience. Your experience of strong customer service from leading professionals in the industry is not limited to a 5-star resort. At United Property Inspectors, Inc., we are the experts in commercial and residential properties with strong connections throughout the area. Not only can we give you peace of mind on your latest investment with a quality home inspection, but we offer complimentary, convenient concierge services.

Increase Safety and Security in Your New Home with Our Locksmith Concierge Services You Rang? Your Home Inspection Concierge Is Ready for Service!

Ever heard of a concierge for home inspections? We strive to offer services at a higher standard. Not only can we inspect your home, business, pool, and spa, but we go the extra mile with concierge services before a big move. One of the worst parts of moving is transferring every personal account and utility service to your new address.

Let us do some of the heavy lifting!

After inspecting your property with a 200% guarantee, it’s time to focus on the move.

Concierge Services

Locksmith & Home Security

Focused on safety and security inside and outside of your home, it’s advised to change the locks and add a home security system after assuming ownership of a new property. Let us call the locksmith and home security companies for a safe start in your new place.

Home and Auto Insurance

Obtaining quotes on new services including home and auto insurance can mean hours on the phone with a variety of providers. Let us do the research and due diligence providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.


It seems impossible to contact some utility companies outside of standard business hours. When you’re in the middle of a move, the last thing you need to do is be tied up with 1-800 numbers. We’ll schedule all of your TV, Internet, phone, gas, water, sewer, trash, and electrical services that are needed.

For value-added services from the trusted experts, contact United Property Inspectors, Inc. to schedule your home inspection and concierge services at (916) 788-1111.