There’s a greater potential for complications with a commercial real estate transaction, and you don’t want to let unknown issues complicate the situation even further. United Property Inspectors, Inc. can help you fully understand the condition of a property with a commercial building inspection, giving you the information you need to make the right decision. These inspections often uncover some flaws we would find in a home inspection but on a larger scale. Let’s discuss some of the issues we uncover in our commercial inspections, which could risk your investment. 

Commercial Building Inspection

Electrical Issues

The complexity of an electrical system that powers an entire building will have even more potential for safety risks than a home’s electrical system. There could be outdated wiring, overloaded circuits, or improper installations that not only interfere with the building’s operations but can pose a fire risk.

HVAC Problems

The HVAC system is one of the main components of any building, and inspectors will pay close attention to how well it functions. We have seen malfunctioning and inadequately maintained HVAC systems that negatively impact the building’s environment and the utility bills.

Roof Damage

When you encounter roof issues, they can lead to other issues within a building. If the roof has sustained damage, is leaking, or has improper drainage, we often find that there is water damage inside the building or structural damage to the building. 

Deferred Maintenance 

If the building hasn’t been properly maintained over the years, there could be various issues with any major components. Smaller problems that aren’t addressed in time can lead to larger, more costly repairs down the road. You don’t want to get stuck with major repairs that were ignored as smaller issues.

Environmental Concerns 

Depending on the type of commercial building we are inspecting, other environmental issues could require a specialty inspection. If there’s a concern for mold in the building, we can provide mold inspection and testing services as a bundle with your commercial inspection.

Schedule Your Inspection

Stay ahead of these potential issues and many more as you plan your investment portfolio and make the difficult decisions for your bottom line. United Property Inspectors offers a 200% guarantee, getting you the information you need to aid your negotiations. Contact us today at (916) 788-1111 for more information or to schedule your inspection. We serve residents in Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, and the surrounding areas.