Home InspectionBuying a home is an exciting venture. With the promise of a new beginning comes the anxiety of the unknown. Take the guesswork out with a thorough inspection performed by a qualified home inspector. For home buyers in the Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and nearby areas, look no further than United Property Inspectors, Inc. Performing thorough real estate inspections since 1998, we proudly serve our community and customers with our 200% guarantee.

Looking for a qualified home inspector you can trust? Check out these 4 tips to help you narrow down the search.

1. Check for referrals.

When looking for a qualified home inspector, a great place to start is with referrals and reviews. Knowing your neighbors or friends had success with a company gives you the peace of mind when hiring. Check out our website for reviews from our customers and to write a review after your experience.

2. Look for proper licenses and certifications.

Check that your inspector has proper certifications and training to perform inspections according to current standards. All our inspectors are certified members of InterNACHI and have ongoing education for current knowledge and skills.

3. Learn what’s evaluated.Qualified Home Inspector

Do your homework, and learn what prospective companies cover during their inspections. Our comprehensive home inspections include evaluation of the property’s structures, systems, and components.

4. Check that visitors are welcome.

Use caution with any home inspection company that doesn’t allow you to follow along throughout the inspection. We encourage our clients to join us to ask questions and learn more about their new investment as we perform the inspection.

Do your homework, and thoroughly investigate any contractor that is coming into your home. By checking for referrals, proper certifications, available services, and expectations, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision. With our comprehensive services and added features including our 90-day warranty, you’ll rest easy with your home inspector decision. Contact United Property Inspectors, Inc. today to schedule your residential or commercial inspection by calling (916) 788-1111.

Photo credit: public domain via www.flickr.com