If you are selling a home in the greater Sacramento area, you know how competitive the housing market is. Give yourself the best chance of selling your home for its full value with a pre-listing home inspection from United Property Inspectors, Inc. To get ready for your pre-inspection, follow these 10 simple steps. See our previous blog post for steps one through five.

Prepare for Your Pre-listing Home Inspection

6. Provide Access to the Attic and Garage

A clean space is easier to inspect. Therefore, remove clutter and move stored items at least two feet away from the walls. Also, sweep up cobwebs, and deal with leaks and rodent problems before the inspector arrives.

7. Leave Keys for Outbuildings and Electrical Boxes

Leave the remote for the garage door opener, unlock the covers for sprinkler systems and electric boxes, and leave keys for exterior building access. It’s a good idea to label these keys and set them in an easy-to-find location inside the house.

8. Clear Brush from Exterior Inspection Points

Our home inspectors will want to inspect the home’s foundation for signs of settling, shifting, damage, and leaks. Therefore, clear away limbs, bushes, brush, etc. from the foundation.

9. Provide Repair Documents

Homeowners like to know they are investing in a solid piece of property. Thus, it gives them peace of mind to know that you not only repaired or replaced items in your home, but that they were also recently inspected. Before the inspection, set out invoices and documents regarding remodeling projects or new items in the home.

10. Leave the House

To simplify the inspector’s job, it is best if you plan to leave your home for at least three hours. This gives the inspector a neat, quiet workspace to fairly assess the condition of your home. Also, be sure to crate your pets or take them with you.

Schedule an Inspection

At United Property Inspectors, we inspect to a higher standard. As members of InterNACHI, our certified inspectors will use their wealth of knowledge and years of experience to help you sell your home at the best possible price. We will help you avoid last minute negotiations while giving potential buyer’s confidence in the quality of your home. To schedule a home inspection, contact us today at (916) 788-1111.